Today over 20,000 families of former bonded labourers have been moved off the land that had been their home. They still live in temporary refugee accommodation set up more than ten years ago. These ostracised people have been left to struggle for survival with no land to work on and no education for their children. Deep-rooted social stigma in the local area means that little has been done to ease their crippling poverty.

It is among these communities that some of our partner churches have been working. They regularly run day-long Bible clubs for the children of the camps. With an average of 300 children coming, the Clubs are filled with fun activities like games, Bible stories and lots of singing. Children are introduced to Jesus and encouraged to share what they have learned during the day with their family.

A huge part of the Club is the serving of lunch – a meal that intentionally includes meat as it is sometimes the only meat the children will have eaten in a long time. Once the children are full, they are given gifts of kindness to take away with them. At various times of the year these include woolly hats, blankets, toothpaste, shampoo, sweets, notebooks, pens and Bibles.




Since our formation, Fonic have been supporting a number of children through school. We feel it is a vital way of investing in the future of not only the country, but the individual children we have had the honour of helping. We provide quarterly funding to help children ranging from early primary up to the age of sixteen with the average student costing around £145 a year.


Tuk’s Story

As a very young lad Tuk was brought to Kathmandu from the village by the Pastor of his local Church as his family had difficulty in feeding and educating him due to their poor economical status. He was taken in by a young church worker who was told he would only stay for 3 months. 12 years later he was still living with this Church worker having become a much loved and valued member of his family. Through the financial support of Fonic Trust the Church worker was able to house, educate and disciple this young man through all these years. Tuk was able to finish his schooling and then completed a Bachelors degree in Commerce. Today he is the Manager of a little factory in South Kathmandu and is able to support himself and send help to his birth family back in the village. He is a well respected and active member of his local Church



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