Fonic Trust is committed to equipping the Nepali community through our support of individuals and families who have offered their lives to serve God in their home country. An integral part of our purpose is the belief that local Christians are the people to reach their own communities.

Therefore our role is to encourage, empower and release those willing to share their relationship with Jesus with their neighbours. Through the provision of a supplementary income, pastors are released to visit their congregations, evangelists are freed to travel, students are equipped to study and the kingdom of God in Nepal continues to grow.

We support a range of workers throughout the country. Male, female, rural and community based. We support rural evangelists through two distinct networks of Nepali churches, operating from East to Far West regions of the country. We have been able to provide bicycles for many, allowing them to cover a greater area for their outreaches. The supplemental income also allows the Christian workers to attend training programs and conferences, providing encouragement for what is often a difficult lifestyle to lead.

One pastor we have been supporting was teaching about Jesus in a village not far from his church. Several of the listeners objected to what he was preaching, their own ideology being very different to the message of the gospel. This pastor is no stranger to a hostile audience. As a dynamic preacher who has seen fourteen churches planted in his remote community and over two thousand new believers baptised, he is not a man to give up and walk away. This time the jeers and shouted threats turned violent when the pastor would not abandon his message. The mob beat the pastor leaving him badly shaken and suffering with serious injuries. Several months later, having recovered from his ordeal our pastor hosted a retreat at his church for other Christian workers in the region. As part of the retreat outreach, our pastor brought a group to the village where he had been beaten. They prayed and worshipped over the spot he had been attacked, once again sharing the gospel with the people of that village.

The average support towards our Christian workers is £50 a quarter. If you would like to donate towards their care, please click on the link below.



Discipleship Training and Evangelism

Fonic have also been involved with a ministry in West Nepal which runs training programmes for young believers. The young people come to the city for three to five months to attend classes ranging from how to study the Bible, how to construct a talk and how to deal with some of the issues they may face in presenting the gospel in their culture. They regularly go out into the streets to preach, pray for the sick to be healed and connect with all levels of society. The young people also run Christian music events inviting their entire community to come and hear about Jesus.


Church Mobilizer

Fonic is passionate about encouraging the Nepali church in integral mission in Mid and Far West Nepal. We have been supporting a Christian couple who share this passion for some time and have seen their ministry expand into church leadership training for both experienced pastors and enthusiastic young people. They have been involved in planting several churches throughout the region and have served as vital points of contact between these new communities of believers and the more established Nepali church networks distributing Bibles and other Christian resources where they are most needed. They travel the area teaching about Jesus, often bringing groups of young people with them on bicycle based excursions to show the Jesus film in small villages. In this way they not only share their faith but are training up the next generation in hands on, Holy Spirit lead ministry.


Medical Training

For several years Fonic has been responsible for the management of a legacy given for the training of medical and health care professionals for rural Nepal. To date we have funded the training of four doctors now working in various parts of rural Nepal. We very much want to expand this aspect of our heart for Nepal, which is why we are in the process of partnering with a locally registered Educational organization to supply scholarships for up to four students a year over the next six year period. The organization will find and interview potential students with the expectation that the students will work in some of the neediest areas of their country once they are qualified in their chosen field of medical expertise.

We are also keen to support the professional training of talented Nepali believers in the development of their careers. We were able to help one gifted young couple secure places to study abroad, expanding their qualifications, work experience and heart for mission in the process. Now that they are back in Nepal the husband is in a senior strategic position with an INGO. Meanwhile his wife is an intrinsic part of the development of effective counselling for women rescued from human trafficking.


Healthy Families

Researched and written by DeviMaya, the Healthy Families project is designed to equip Christian Women’s groups. It combines Biblical teaching with information on basic health care. Women from remote areas come together to go through the training covering topics ranging from anti-natal to post natal care, nutrition, first aid and women’s health issues. The women can then take the resources home and share both the training and the love of God with their own communities.


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