The devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May 2015 were confirmation that there is a need for Fonic Trust to be ready to respond to the natural disasters that so regularly affect the country. After the initial quakes and aftershocks our partners in Nepal were approached by thousands of people for help.

We released ring fenced funds to buy the basics of life such as tarpaulins, lentils, rice, cooking oil and blankets which were distributed to the rural communities through local networks and larger in-country agencies known to share our heart for the poor. As soon as possible we will release funds set aside for rebuilding the material and spiritual infrastructure of Nepal’s rural communities.

The donation page set up after the earthquake has raised thousands of pounds and we will send this money directly to Nepal to meet the great need across the rural areas of Nepal.



Extracts from an email sent days after the earthquake:

The earthquake caused extensive damage to buildings and thousands of deaths and injuries, buildings collapsed, roads destroyed. More than 4000 (according to present situation) deaths in Nepal.

Situation Here is really bad & worse of lives – thousands & thousands of houses collapsed & NO FOOD Here.”

We are praying to take relief to victims the village In Lamjung who are crying & helpless children who are in the woods , roads & sleeping on ground under open sky – We want to bring Hope to Hopeless & help to helpless whatever we can do to help & witness Christ love.”

LORD STRENGTH & give us wisdom to do best as we can through you . Let this Lead MANY MANY TO SALVATION – Bring Hope & Love of yours So we can bring Gospels & tell About Our LORD GOD

Your Prayers will make life changes of people now – THANKS from THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS AS we are praying so hard for the needs to meets immediately for saving lives for now , Its Really really difficult situation people are dying not having food now – we just heard 16 believers died while Collapsed one church – GOD IS WITH US & your prayers support impact in so many ways to save lives in this disaster who lost everything & now they need our desperate help & support . today no Earthquake which is really relived all of us While no body slept last night – Thousands of people & children will be looking for one bite of food this coming Days – Please pray as we are now moving forwards to work on these areas & Go on the actual field.”


We want to stand with and support the Nepali people. That is why Fonic was formed and that is what we will continue to do.

Previous disaster relief

This is not the first time Fonic Trust has been involved in rebuilding communities destroyed by natural disaster. Last year flood waters swept through Far West Nepal killing hundreds and decimating communities. One fishing village where a small church had been growing was completely washed away, as were the majority of the villages in the area. One believer was on the opposite side of the river to his home when the torrent struck. All he could think of was how he could reach his family to save them. He struggled across deadly water getting bitten by a poisonous snake in the process. He prayed to God to be healed so that he could find his wife and child. God answered that prayer.

When the flood waters subsided the village with the believing community took stock. They had lost their homes and possessions but no one had been killed.

When the flood waters subsided the village with the believing community took stock. They had lost their homes and possessions but no one had been killed. Many asked how it was that the village had survived. God, they answered. When Fonic Trust heard about the village we released funds to buy emergency food and materials to rebuild.




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