Support a project and change a life

Give a gift like no other.

Help us continue to support Nepali communities by giving the gift of support. A present like no other, a gift of change.

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A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

A different kind of gift

Help support the work of FONiC Trust through the giving of a unique gift.

Wheelchair technicians weekly wage - image

Wheelchair technicians weekly wage


Keep a technician going and contribute to their wage

Refurbish a wheelchair - image

Refurbish a wheelchair


Help refurbish a wheelchair and bring it back to life

Large wheelchair wheel - image

Large wheelchair wheel


Help keep a wheelchair rolling

Wheelchair castors - image

Wheelchair castors


Donate replacement castors to keep a wheelchair on the road

Service a wheelchair - image

Service a wheelchair


Help keep a wheelchair going

Wheelchair footrests - image

Wheelchair footrests


Help keep a user supported with new footrests

Wheelchair cushion - image

Wheelchair cushion


Donate a cushion and keep a chair comfortable

Wheelchair blanket - image

Wheelchair blanket


Donate a blanket to keep the chill out

Oil can - image

Oil can


Keep a wheelchair running smoothly

Keep the workshop going - image

Keep the workshop going

Help keep the workshop running with a donation amount of your choosing

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